Can I Switch Attorneys in Personal Injury Case

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Can I Switch Attorneys in Personal Injury Case

Yes, you can switch attorneys in a personal injury case. You may have valid reasons for wanting to do so, such as feeling like your current counsel is not adequately representing your interests. If you decide to switch lawyers, do so as early as possible to avoid potential complications.

Share with your new personal injury attorney the reason(s) why you feel the need to switch attorneys for your case. Prepare to provide them with all the relevant information and paperwork for your lawsuit, and be ready with the fees associated with switching lawyers. No matter what, you should feel confident and comfortable with your new attorney before moving forward.

Why Switch Attorneys in Your Personal Injury Case

There are several reasons you might want to consider switching counsels in your personal injury case. Some common causes include:

You’re not comfortable with your current attorney

Not all counsel-client relationships work out. The reason for this varies, but if you’re not comfortable with your current personal injury attorney, it’s time to seek new representation. After all, a lawyer-client relationship is built on trust. The case will suffer if that element is missing in your relationship.

You no longer feel confident in your lawyer’s abilities

If your personal injury case isn’t going the way you want and you no longer trust your counsel’s abilities, it’s time to switch. Committing to an attorney who fails at generating desired results will not be worth the time and expense. It’s better to find a professional who makes you feel confident they will get the job done.

Your case isn’t moving forward

It’s time to seek a new personal injury attorney if your case is stagnant. Personal injury cases can often take a while, but if your case hasn’t progressed in a reasonable amount of time, that’s a problem. A new lawyer could get the ball rolling and help your case finally move forward.

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The Process of Switching Attorneys

If you’ve decided to hire a new personal injury attorney, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Schedule a consultation with the new lawyer.
  2. Provide your new counsel with all the relevant information and paperwork for your case.
  3. Be prepared to discuss the fees associated with switching attorneys.
  4. Feel confident and comfortable with your new attorney before moving forward.

Once you’ve done the steps above, your new personal injury attorney will file the necessary paperwork to withdraw you from your current representation. Your former attorney will no longer be able to work on your case, and the new one will jump right in.

What Happens After You Switch Attorneys

When you switch attorneys in your personal injury case, the old lawyer will likely send you a final bill for their work. They may also ask for a fee for withdrawing from the case. You should get a detailed explanation of these charges before agreeing to pay them.

It’s also important to note that switching attorneys can sometimes set your case back, especially if the change is done late in the game. Deciding to go with a new personal injury will not harm your case, so don’t let that stop you from finding the representation you deserve. Moreover, your old and new counsel will split the final fee, so the total amount you pay will usually stay the same.

How Often Do Clients Switch Attorneys 

The question ‘Can someone switch attorneys in the middle of a case?’ is not uncommon. In fact, a law firm from Texas says that 40% to 50% of their cases will come from clients who have changed lawyers.

The same scenario can play out in places such as Michigan State, where the local government reports an average of 96,600 injuries in both private and public sectors. 1 out of 163 people is also bound to get hurt in a car accident, and over 5,000 people will require hospitalization.

These statistics show that there’s a big demand for personal injury lawyers. Hence, the likelihood of clients changing attorneys in the middle of a case is high.

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