Changes to Michigan Personal Injury Protection

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Today is THE day: any auto insurance policies that are renewed today and into the future will have a dizzying array of changes due to no-fault reform.

We are reviewing auto insurance policies for our clients and anybody else who wants us to review their policies. All you need to do is obtain a copy of your most recent policy and declarations sheet.

Please provide a PDF copy of these documents and email them to us at [email protected] and David Shafer or Matthew Swartz will review them and give you our thoughts on your coverage. No charge for this service. Better to learn about this now than after an auto accident.

Many who have retired and have Medicare will think it wise to perhaps opt-out. Many non-Medicare recipients will choose to save a nickel by lowering their medical coverage: bad idea. Many others are not getting the best advice about their policy decisions.

Do not blow this off. Do not be the unlucky one who walks into our office after a terrible accident (and, yes, it can happen to you) and find out, for the first time, that your coverage is going to significantly affect your life.


Find out the answers now by calling us at 231-722-2444 or email us your questions and declaration sheets and policies to [email protected]. Ask for Dave Shafer or Matthew Swartz.

changes to Michigan Personal Injury Protection requirments.

DISCLAIMER: This blog is provided for general informational purposes only, and is not to be construed as legal advice. Every situation is different, and if you have been injured, please call (231) 722-2444 for personalized legal advice.